Russian K12 Educational market
14.8 bln Euro - market volume for preschool and school edu market in Russia (2016)

20% - expected growth till 2011
The Russian K12 Educational market
Pre-school and school educational market in Russia is growing rapidly despite the recent challenges in the economic situation. High-quality education is righteously considered as an investment to the future of the whole family. Meanwhile, the State educational system has undergone considerable changes and focuses mainly on providing children with information instead of developing skills and competencies which will be useful in further life. This situation gives rise to a commercial segment of education which is trying to fill the gap between the State standards and parents' expectations. During last years a segment of private schools and commercial educational centres providing vocational training for kids has almost doubled. Leading State schools are also trying to catch up with the current trends.

Areas of interest
Learning environment
Architectural concepts
Methodology in various subjects
School management tools and expertise
E-learning tools and methodology
Programs for children with special needs
Teacher training
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